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Sitting Sessions

A sitting session for one child lasts about 20 minutes. Extra children and sibling sessions can be added for an extra fee. I suggest white or pale colored clothing and advise staying away from polka dots and stripes for this type of photography. We want to focus on the child’s expressions; not their outfit. Peter Pan collars are great as are heirloom clothing, smocked dresses, plain, white dresses, button down shirts, button short/shirts, bubbles and even golf shirts for the older boys.

In a sitting session, I capture chest up and/or full body pictures and after you review your proofs, you can choose whether you’d like to order single, portrait pictures or whether you’d like to design a composite of your favorite expressions….or you can order a combination of both. I edit your selections then email you final proofs to approve. This last step allows you to see exactly what your order will look like when you receive it. I then print and ship your order and along this entire relationship, we will communicate several times as I’m making sure your order is exactly as you intended.  

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